Upgrade in Progress

Hello – I am in currently in the process of migrating from Blogger to WordPress for blog.zweigmodel.com. Blogger is down (again) so I can’t import my older posts from there. Once they’re back up, I’ll migrate over the posts and all will be right in this small part of the zweigmodel world. [Update 6/8: Migration […]

Prime Rate Indicator – Now Configurable

The Prime Rate indicator is now configurable. You can change the threshold ‘high/low’ rate (it’s 8% in the book) and you can choose between either the Value Line Composite Index (Geometric), the S&P 500, or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Interestingly, setting the threshold to 14% shows significantly improved performance over 8%. Hmmm… need to […]

Zweig Model – Status Update & Roadmap

Although it may be hard to tell, we’re making some significant progress with the indicators. We’re just about done with making the Prime Rate Indicator configurable (you will get to change the high/low threshold, as well as the Index). Fortunately, it’s starting to look better (from a results/performance perspective – not necessarily a user interface […]