Looking for Value Line Composite Index Data back to 1961


Yahoo! Finance only has data on the Value Line Geometric Average going back to January 11, 1985 – but according to this site, the index dates to June 30, 1961. Winning on Wall Street covers May of 1966 through February of 1993.

Anyone know how I can get my hands on data prior to 1985? Pretty please….



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  1. I am trying to figure out how to model the 4% trend following system over the last 15 years without going through the data entry. If you have done this and are willing to share that would be awesome.

  2. Mark –

    I’ve done it, and was just looking for additional data before putting it on here. Since you’re looking for it and only care about the last 15 years, I’ll put it up today/tomorrow with just the data available from Yahoo! Finance and worry about getting the additional data later.



  3. Listen, we already have old data as presented in Zweig’s book. It is old and pretty much useless as things have now changed with worldwide interest rates close to 0%. Why not focus on data from 2000 – present which is much more meanful? Forget about the ZUPI, this was a made up index. Either select the S&P500 or Value Line Index and get on with the analysis (only difference is the relative magnitude). You have been hung up on trying to get old data which really doesn’ t apply today and trying to figure out the ZUPI. This site has data up to 1993 which is 25 yrs old and useless. Please advise.

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